Use of Merchant Ground Trademarks

The following guidelines have been published to show how to properly display and use our wordmark, trademarks, and logos. This page will be periodically updated as new trademarks, service marks, and logos are added. By properly displaying our brands, logos, and trademarks, you can help to ensure proper public recognition of the secure online payment infrastructure of Merchant Ground.

W.T. reserves the right to decide which logos and trademarks may be used by third parties, webmasters, merchants, resellers, linkers, end users, advertising agencies, consultants and licensees.

Merchant Ground always tries to ensure proper public recognition of the Merchant Ground brand. Without exception, the following logos may only be displayed by webmasters and merchants that are actively using Merchant Ground as their payment processor.

Resellers, affiliates or linkers of the Merchant Ground services may never alter or modify the company’s logo or trademarks. Similarly, re-logoing (replacing any company’s trademark with the reseller’s logo or mark) and co-logging (adding the reseller’s logo or mark to any company service) is not permitted in the absence of a written agreement with Merchant Ground.

Any website that displays the Merchant Ground logo must do so in a positive manner. The logo may not be used to depict Merchant Ground and/or any of its members, alliances, staff, Merchant Ground services and products, and affiliates in any negative way. The logo may not be used on sites that promote or portray discriminatory practices against any individual or group based on race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, ethnic background, etc.

Linking directly to the Merchant Ground images is not permitted. The logos must be downloaded and used on your web server.

Please report any infringement of the company trademarks to Please provide as much detail as possible regarding the identity of the possible infringers as well as the suspected infringing use.