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  • You are an individual of at least 18 years of age.
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  • Warranties and Responsibility

MERCHANT GROUND provides payment services without any warranty. Our acquiring banks reserve the right to alter the terms and conditions at their discretion, which will be reflected in your agreement with us. Despite our best efforts to ensure the accuracy of the information present on our website, MERCHANT GROUND cannot guarantee the completeness or validity of the details found on our platform. We do not warrant that the information on our site is up-to-date, truthful, or free from errors.

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This notice does not exclude any warranties required by law, including but not limited to those for death, personal injury, or potential fraud.

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Links to Other Websites and Products

Links to other websites are provided for your convenience. We do not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information found on external websites. The effectiveness of any products listed on external websites is also not warranted. By following the hyperlinks on our site, you may access other websites. While we strive to provide quality links to useful and ethical websites, we have no control over the information published on these sites and their nature. These links do not serve as a recommendation for the content found on external sites. The content on these sites may change without notice and before we can remove the link, which may no longer be functional. Kindly be aware that when you leave our website, the other sites may have different policies in place, which are beyond our control. It is advisable to review the privacy policy and terms of service of any external website before engaging in any business.


You, the client of MERCHANT GROUND, are obligated to remunerate us for the services we provide, including but not limited to transaction fees, maintenance charges, and chargeback fees as specified in your agreement with MERCHANT GROUND. It is within our right to modify these fees at any given moment, but we shall give you seven (7) days notice prior to the implementation of any changes. Once all fees, including transaction fees, maintenance charges, rolling reserve, chargeback fees, and processing fees, have been deducted, the settlement/payout will be credited to your bank account.

Taxes and Penalties:

You, the merchant, shall bear the burden of paying sales, excise, import, export, value-added, and any similar taxes, absolving MERCHANT GROUND of any accountability. These taxes and fees shall not be considered part of your payments to MERCHANT GROUND. Additionally, any fines imposed by the bank/acquirer/card network on your account shall be your responsibility and MERCHANT GROUND shall not be held accountable.

Terms of Engagement and Termination:

We are merely facilitators connecting businesses to the most suitable bank, not actual acquirers.

The acquirer, not MERCHANT GROUND, shall directly send the payout/settlement to us for subsequent release to you, the merchant.

The PSP or acquirer reserves the right to modify the agreement’s terms at any time, including payment terms, rolling reserve, and processing charges, to manage risks or adjust to market changes.

MERCHANT GROUND is not responsible if the PSP or acquirer holds the funds for any reason.

You, the merchant/business, are responsible for paying any penalties imposed by the acquirer/PSP/VISA or MasterCard.

Strict adherence to the VFMP (Visa Fraud Monitoring Program) guidelines is imperative, and failure to do so will result in an immediate penalty levied by the acquiring bank, payable by you for violating the terms of the agreement.

Claims and Responsibility:

You cannot make a claim against us, the payment service provider, or hold us or the processor responsible for any acts or omissions of third parties, outside of normal business practices, including but not limited to representatives of the organization (payment service provider). Such incidents may result in obligations of indemnification, audit, confidentiality, and all conditions specified in the agreement. The validity of these conditions shall persist even after the termination of the agreement, and compliance must be maintained.

Law and Jurisdiction:

This notice shall be interpreted and governed by Indian law, and any disputes arising from it shall only be subject to the jurisdiction of Indian.


We reserve the right to revise or alter this notice at any time, and the revised version shall be considered effective from the date of its first publication on our website.


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